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Patanjali Amla Candy is tasty sweet fruit candy with lot of health benefits. Amla or Indian Gooseberry with strong antioxidant protects and prevents damages due to free radicals. Free radicals are the main cause of ageing and cell degeneration. Amla promotes tissue and collagen formation. It heals wounds and scar. It improves eye vision. Amla is good source of Vitamin C, it builds body immune system and protects from infections. Amla aids the digestive process and cures constipation and other stomach problems. Amla candy is rich in minerals and vitamins. It strengthens heart muscles and lower glucose level. Patanjali Amla Candy revitalizes and provides energy to the body.

Specifications for Patanjali Amla Candy

Brand Patanjali
Product content
2 X 500 Grams
Alternate title
Indian Gooseberry, Aavla, Amlik, Amalika, Emblica Officinalis Gaertn, Chini, Saccharum Officinarium
Main ingredients
Amla, Sugar, Glucose
5-10 Gms Twice Daily or as Required
Side effects
No Side Effects Reported
No Known Contraindications Reported
Best Before 6 Months (in Sealed Pack Only)

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